A Tibetan Triptych


A Tibetan Triptych is a new commission composed and conducted by James in June 2014. The work blends large brass ensemble, mixed choir, solo cello, harp and an articulated lorry load of percussion.

The piece explores colours and textures from the mystical past of one of the world’s most enigmatic cultures. The Triptych is woven around several Buddhist mantras – repetitively chanted to evoke alternatively, feelings of compassion, protection and of long life. These meditative and enlightening sequences accompany us on an abstract journey through ideas and themes that unite us all.

A Tibetan Triptych [2014]

Prayer Circles – (8.45)
The Horns Of War - (5.05)
Passing Over - (7.55)

Solo cello: Richard Harwood

Artwork: Joanne Nethercott