Cartoon Gothick

Gothic Horror


A dark and spooky tale I tell
of goings on of witch and spell,
and deeds of dread, dry bones decayed
and phantoms on a Ghoul Parade!

You can’t avoid the evil spell
that follows this dance from the fires of hell,
not even magical smelling salts
can free you from the Matroushka Waltz!

See demons dancing on the tiles
with grisly grins and toothless smiles,
enclosed within green mists and vapours
acting out their Spooky Capers!

I have a hunch you’ll hear the crunch
as girls and boys become his lunch,
his wife makes up that greedy twosome -
Mr and Mrs Grooty McGruesome.

Their bones are bleached, their limbs are bare,
instead of eyes blank sockets stare,
And anyone who sees them runs
from grasping, grinning Skellingtons!

Watch out! Take care!
once more I warn you – please beware
it isn’t safe for man nor mouse
inside that creaking Haunted House!


artwork – Joanne Nethercott

words – John Dervish