Disney's Imagination Parks

Global Interactive Retail Experience


In May 2010 James was asked by Disney to collaborate on the global re-branding and re-launch of Disney Stores.

The ‘Disney Imagination Parks’ were to offer a new audio-visual shopping experience; faithful to the existing Disney brand, but with enhanced fantasy, colour and magic – and the music of James Brett!

James’s symphonic score is an epic re-vamp of classic Disney nostalgia, brought together by an 80-piece orchestra, recorded at London’s prestigious Abbey Road studios. Heavy emotive percussive & brass themes were balanced with light, fantastical choral arrangements, performed by a collaboration of lead singers from London’s West End and a children’s choir.  The sweeping score is integral to the magical experience for youngsters and parents alike; full of textual depth, colour and imagination – an enchanting fantasy world, just a step away from the High Street.

The new Disney store experience introduced interactive zones, mini theatres and live events, as well as an opening ceremony, daily kids’ parade and closing ‘moonrise’ to end the day.

The imagination parks were rolled out worldwide from July 2010.  The first store opened in Madrid on July 6th.

Album Credits


  1. Opening Ceremony  (0.52)
  2. Imagination Explosion  (1.17)
  3. Moonrise  (1.23)