Enchanted Africa

Epic Nature


An extreme close up of a water droplet. Slowly we pan back to reveal images swirling as the droplet’s face projects a magical world of rich, ardent flora – tangled together and creating a vast jungled landscape, an Africa Enchanted.

A slow murmuring of something massive and unstoppable. Gradually a large, undulating mass of blacks and browns comes into focus, drawing ever closer, growing ever louder. Snorts and puffs, the heavy breathing as thousands of journeys push forward. Thunderous drumming of hooves on soft ancient ground, the trembling of grasses and trees, the dispersion of all in the way of this relentless passage, this natural wonder, this powerful Migration.

A Savannah at dawn. Stillness momentarily shrouding an impossibly large vista. Beyond, the diluted glow of faraway light, blurring the line between land and sky. Suddenly movement as a long thin slice of refulgent sun slowly pierces the scene, the day beginning, majesty unfolding, the birth of another Savannah Sunrise.

Wise, old eyes blinking away flies, a long tail patiently swishing in the half light of a hot, dying afternoon. Honeyed shapes move in blurs on the plains. All around the buzz and hum of unseen insects, the distant chatter, the soft whispers of a weak breeze. Elegant and commanding, the Noble Beasts Of The Great Plains.