Supernatural TV Drama Series


In 2005 James ventured into the musically dark and dangerous world of the un-dead, scoring two seasons of cult TV show HEX, starring Michael Fassbender.

The supernatural drama focuses on Cassie Hughes, an attractive but withdrawn young woman who enrolls at a remote English country school which becomes the battleground between a demonic entity, and the witches who oppose it. Cassie soon discovers that she possesses dangerous powers of her own, and is drawn into a world far beyond her control.

James’ dark and distinctive score is mystical and foreboding, stylistically true to the dissonant supernatural themes which are at the heart of HEX.

Album Credits


  1. Hex Main Theme  (0.48)
  2. Walking with Maya (0.51)
  3. Daniel (2.12)
  4. I’m Judas, you’re Jesus (1.24)
  5. Strange Tones (1.28)