Olympics 2012

Symphonic Album


In 2012, the world’s foremost sporting event descended upon London, and James was specially commissioned to write an album for the 2012 Olympics.

All major media networks – both locally and globally – featured heavy promotional surround programming and coverage. James’ score was used extensively, reflecting the quality and scale of the global event: bold, brassy and victorious.

The music is powerful, dramatic and uplifting; conjuring up visions of heroic efforts, winning and team work, balanced with emotive experiences of disappointment and anticipation. The album features cinematic-style production; led by big drum, brass and string orchestrations. Proud, patriotic and triumphant; capturing the true spirit of the Olympic Games.

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Album Credits

“Olympics 2012”

  1. Anthem Internazionale  (3.08)
  2. Spirit of Champions  (1.17)
  3. Uncommon Valour  (3.09)
  4. United We Stand  (2.42)
  5. Patriot Hymn & Fanfare  (5.12)