The Book Of Musical Magic

Musical Adventure Story


James is currently working on The Book Of Musical Magic, applying his musical skills to new and imaginative creative pastures. Part book, part musical, part graphic novel, this innovative project – masterminded by James – is an adventure story with the ‘magic of music’ at its heart.

She doesn’t know it yet, but the day after Molly Phellps’s miserable tenth birthday is the start of an exciting and dangerous adventure that will change her life forever. Seeing her father arrested for a serious music violation, and being forced into the sewers with her bullying, bickering brothers is just the terrifying beginning.  Soon on the run, there are many questions she must answer.

Why has music been banned? And can she learn to use the very special book she has taken from her father’s study? What are the secrets inside its pages? Who is the shadowy top-hatted man who controls Centropolis, and why is he so intent on finding and destroying the Book Of Musical Magic?

The Book Of Musical Magic is a Future Fire production and is currently in development, copyright 2009.

Artwork by Mark Molnar


Album Credits

“The Book Of Musical Magic”

  1. The Book Of Musical Magic  (1.04)
  2. Return to Centropolis  (1.04)
  3. The Under-Gang  (1.01)
  4. Zeppelin Storm  (1.10)