The Sound Of Gaya

Epic Vocal-Crossover Album


The Sound Of Gaya is a new vocal crossover album written and produced by James. Inspired by work on his film projects, the album blends classical orchestra, powerful mixed voices, and ethnic infused percussion and guitars. The material consists of broad and epic anthems, fast and powerful incantations, and pure and simple hymns and prayers.

The Sound Of Gaya is a unique mix of ancient-tribal song and chant, with classic orchestral accompaniment, produced with modern pop sensibilities. The album appeals to all classical crossover fans, advertising agencies, trailer houses, and the chill out crowd.

Artwork by Joanne Nethercott

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Album Credits

“The Sound Of Gaya”

  1. Peace Prayer  (2.15)
  2. Earth Chorus  (4.54)
  3. Forest Voices  (5.43)
  4. Fire Prayers  (5.52)
  5. Flame Song  (4.37)
  6. Sun Dance  (6.19)
  7. Moon Prayers   (4.53)
  8. Rain Song  (4.31)
  9. Ocean Chant  (5.15)
  10. Breath Chant  (3.43)
  11. Sky Chorus  (5.36)

Lead vocals by Dorothée Munyaneza

All other vocals by Dorothée Munyaneza and James Seymour Brett

All guitars performed by David Walter

Composed and conducted by James Seymour Brett

Orchestrated by James Seymour Brett and Adam Langston

Produced by James Seymour Brett

Project Coordinator / Associate Producer – Karen Elliott

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios

Recorded by Rob Houston

Mixed by Rupert Christie and Sam Okell

Mixed at Air Lyndhurst and Abbey Road Studios

Music Editor – Rob Houston

Mastered at Abbey Road

Mastered by Rupert Christie

Artwork by Joanne Nethercott

Photography by Ben Ealovega

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