Three Themes For String Orchestra

Lyrical Drama


2012 saw James compose a suite of musical themes for String orchestra. By way of a break from the commercial requirements of his larger scale orchestral work, the music is more intimate and reflective in nature creating a densely emotive musical journey.

Drawing on the wealth of world-class musicians in London, the suite was recorded on the 18th November 2012 and features the solo cello of Caroline Dale, the harp of Gillian Tingay and piano of Sally Heath. James was also thrilled to ask Andy Brown, his long term collaborator and director of the London Metropolitan Orchestra to conduct.

“Three Themes For String Orchestra” takes the form of a more classical European film scoring style, simple in form but dense in melodic and harmonic endeavour.

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Album Credits

“Three Themes For String Orchestra”

  1. Themes For String Orchestra No. 1 (6.45)
  2. Themes For String Orchestra No. 2 (5.20)
  3. Themes For String Orchestra No. 3 (5.27)