Time Mantras


In late 2013, from a simple idea came Time Mantras a suite for 3 pianos. This music employs complex rhythm and meter to create dense musical webs. Although the starting point was minimalist the pieces end up more a rhapsodic, impressionistic recollection of minimalist ideas – with melody, motif and harmony remaining at the forefront of the compositions.

Time Mantras [2014]

Mantra No. 1 Vivace Scherzando - (3.08)
Mantra No. 2 Allegro Brilliante - (3.21)
Mantra No. 3 Adagio Tranquillo - (3.08)
Mantra No. 4 Moderato Grazioso - (3.39)
Mantra No. 5 Allegro Animato - (3.16)
Mantra No. 6 Larghetto Nobilmente - (5.10)

Time Mantras


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