Waiting For Anya

Feature Film


James was thrilled to be asked to compose the score for the new film adaptation of Sir Michael Morpurgo’s novel ‘Waiting For Anya’.  The story is about a young shepherd named Jo (Noah Schnapp) who,  along with the help of the widow Horcada (Anjelica Huston), helps to smuggle jewish children across the border from Southern France into Spain.


Told skillfully as a coming of age story,  James had to deliver an intimate and delicate take on this harrowing topic,  as the dark events of the Second World War arrive at a remote Pyrenees village.

L to R: Ben Cookson (Director), John Mills (Solo Violin), James Brett

Once again, James was back in Abbey Road Studio 1 with Andy Brown’s LMO. The score features incredible solo performances from the following:

Solo Violin – John Mills

Solo Ethnic Wind – Eliza Marshall

Solo Cello – Dave Daniels