Walking With Dinosaurs

The Arena Spectacular


In 2007 James travelled to Australia to collaborate on this truly monumental live experience, a £10,000,000 arena spectacle of unprecedented size and quality, featuring 20 life-size animatronic dinosaurs.

The live show – a fusion of large-scale theatrical elements touring the world’s arenas – saw James developing a new style of production process; composing the bulk of the score to a script, with a further month in rehearsals tweaking the details until everything was perfectly synced for the live performance.


Working with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, he composed and conducted over 80 minutes of music to score this dramatic pre-historic story; a musically dynamic and extensive soundtrack that plugs into the colossal nature of these gargantuan creatures – quite literally bringing them to life!

After a worldwide tour seen by over 7 million people in 206 cities, the stunning theatrical event is once again touring in 2012/2013.

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Album Credits

“Walking With Dinosaurs”

  1. Opening Titles (2.36)
  2. The Eggs Come Alive (2.40)
  3. Liliensternus & Plateosaurus Enter (4.26)
  4. Triassic Encounter (2.14)
  5. Plateosaurus Exits (2.05)
  6. The Jurassic Age (4.16)
  7. Stegosaurus (1.54)
  8. Allosaurus Attacks (3.51)
  9. Fire & Regeneration (2.44)
  10. Baby Brachiosaur (3.30)
  11. Brachiosaur Battle (1.27)
  12. Moonlit Jurassic (5.01)
  13. Pangaea Storm (2.21)
  14. Ornithicheirus Flight (5.53)
  15. Raptors (4.37)
  16. Flowers & Insects (3.41)
  17. Duelling Torosaurs (5.20)
  18. Fading Paradise (2.22)
  19. Ankylosaurus (2.28)
  20. Gawky Bird (2.43)
  21. Tyrannosaurus Rex (2.01)
  22. Last Night On Earth (6.24)

Composed, Orchestrated & Conducted by James Brett

Album Produced by James Brett

Recorded & Mixed by Peter Cobbin

Pro-Tools & Music Editing by Robert Houston

Score Co-ordinated by Karen Elliott for HotHouse Music Ltd

Performed by the Sydney Scoring Orchestra

Contracted by Alex Henery

Recorded at Trackdown Scoring Stage, Sydney, Australia

Recording Assisted by Daniel Brown, Jamie Watson, Craig Beckett, Adam Grace

Mixed at Studios 301, Sydney, Australia

Mix Assisted by Daniel Leffler & Michael Morgan

Mastering Engineer Oscar Gaona at Studios 301, Sydney, Australia

Additional Orchestrations by Adam Langston

Music Preparation and Technical Assistance by David Walter