Batman Live

World Arena Tour


2010 saw James composing the music for the much anticipated and ground-breaking world arena show, Batman Live.

Returning to London’s renowned Abbey Road Studios, James implemented a full choral and 90-piece orchestral score for the visually stunning state-of-the-art production; as big and brassy as any one of Batman’s filmic counterparts. Working predominantly from the script, and aided by stills from the comic books along with video content, he created and shaped all aspects of the score, working as both composer and music director.

The music incorporates full symphonic forces, choir, big band and multi-ethnic percussion groups – all to accompany Batman, the world’s most popular DC Super Hero, as he battles through a rogues’ gallery of villains. The show is a non-stop thrill-ride across Gotham City that transforms Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson into the legendary crime-fighters Batman and Robin, and transports the audience from the Big Top of Haley’s Circus to the lower depths of Arkham Asylum – from the glittering peaks of the Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge to the subterranean wonders that await inside the Batcave, which features a revolutionary, all-new Batmobile designed exclusively for Batman Live by Professor Gordon Murray.



The music sets off this celebration of storytelling and stagecraft perfectly; a theatrical barrage of thrilling stunts, acrobatics, pyrotechnics and magical illusions, brought to life by the grandiose, highly-textured soundtrack.

Batman Live premiered in the UK on 19 July 2010. It has played in 15 countries and 28 cities across Europe and South America, performed in 6 languages (English, German, French, Czech, Portuguese and Spanish) and seen by over 2.5 million people. The global takeover continues; as Batman Live is currently exciting arena audiences across the Atlantic, on its two year tour of North America and Canada.

Album Credits

“Batman Live – The World Arena Tour”

Music composed and conducted by James Seymour Brett

  1. Opening Titles & Tony Zucco  (2.12)
  2. Gotham City Skyline & The Monarch Theatre  (2.44)
  3. Haley’s Circus  (3.56)
  4. The Flying Graysons  (2.42)
  5. Wayne Manor  (4.41)
  6. Catwoman  (1.41)
  7. Batman’s Entrance  (2.56)
  8. Snowgirls  (2.31)
  9. The Iceberg Lounge Fight  (2.10)
  10. Circus Fights  (2.53)
  11. Circus Cannons  (2.01)
  12. Helium Balloons & Batman’s Return  (2.43)
  13. Joker’s Face & Jetpack Exit  (2.56)
  14. Descent To The Batcave  (5.27)
  15. Arkham Asylum & The Batmobile  (4.15)
  16. Through The Tunnels & Rogue’s Gallery  (3.22)
  17. The Drive To Arkham & Scarecrow’s Feargas  (5.17)
  18. Batman Chained Up & Robin Arrives  (3.21)
  19. The Joker Zombie Fight  (3.07)
  20. Joker’s Balloon, The Kiss & Finale  (4.59)
  21. “Batman Live” – Orchestral Suite  (5.47)

Composed, Orchestrated & Conducted by James Seymour Brett

Album Produced by James Seymour Brett

Recorded & Mixed by Peter Cobbin

Pro-Tools & Music Editing by Robert Houston

Score Co-ordinated by Karen Elliott for HotHouse Music Ltd

Performed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra

Contracted by Andrew Brown

Recorded & Mixed at Abbey Road Studios, London

Recording Assisted by John Barrett and Paul Pritchard

Pre-mastered by Sam O’Kell

Mastered by Christian Wright at Abbey Road

Additional Orchestrations by Adam Langston, Julian Kershaw,

Costas Fotopoulos & Geoff Alexander

Technical Assistance by David Walter

DISCLAIMER: this album has been posted for promotional use only and is not for redistribution. It is the property of Warner Brothers and Water Lane Productions.